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How To Regroup For the New Year

As the holiday fervor winds down, entrepreneurs often find themselves caught in the aftermath—a mix of emotions, fatigue, and the need to hit the reset button. This is your chance to regroup, recharge, and set the stage for the year ahead. In this post, let’s delve into four hands-on strategies to reclaim balance and find solace in the calm that follows the festive chaos.

Whether you’re in search of emotional rejuvenation, physical recovery, or a chance to realign with your business goals, these practical tips will empower you to transition into the new year with resilience and purpose. These tips move from the festive hustle to the promise of a fresh start.

 4 Tips to Move from The Festive Hustle to a Fresh Start

I. Take time to Breath and Refresh 

Christmas has been hectic, and you have earned some “me time”. Before diving right back into work and the planning and integration of various schedules, pause. Take some time to enjoy the peace and quiet. Kick up your feet, have a coffee, or go for a walk. You may find your body would like a much-needed nap. Whatever you do, make it productive for your mind and body. As will be discussed next, you may wish to make this a regular part of your New Year’s routine.

II. Incorporate Self-Care on a Daily Basis

So, you have paused. Great! However, it is critical to incorporate self-care into your everyday routine. As an entrepreneur, you wear numerous hats not only at work but also in life (as a parent, partner, friend, or volunteer).  As such, it is easy to forget about oneself, or at least put yourself on the back burner. You need to be intentional about taking time and paying attention to yourself.

It is proven that self-care avoids burnout, and enriches every area of our lives.

 Self care ideas that will enrich your life as you grow your business.

  1. Make personal time a part of your everyday routine. For example, start your day with reflection or meditation. Go for a walk. Step away from your computer at lunch.
  2. Prioritize Sleep. Have proper sleeping hours, and if necessary, take a power nap during the day.
  3. Eat Right. Nourish your body with healthy food, and do not skip meals.
  4. Exercise Daily.
  5. Have time for Relaxation
  6. Have a hobby. Do something you love.
  7. Learn to say NO!
  8. Practice Mindfulness. This means being fully present in the moment.
  9. Go on Vacation.  It does not have to be expensive or for a long period of time. You can even have a staycation. Be sure to schedule some time to physically distance yourself from work.

III. Take time to Re-examine Work – Related Areas

Now that you have taken some time to consider taking care of yourself in this new year, you can switch gears to your work. Ask yourself which of these work areas needs to be tweaked.

Work: Related Areas to Consider

Your Rhythm

All of us have a work rhythm that consists of a Peak, Valley and Rebound time. If you haven’t discovered your rhythm, now is the perfect time to explore. When you have your groove, your day will feel a lot less like work.

Your Routine

Based on your rhythm, re-examine your daily work routine. If it is great, enough said. However, if not, decide how you’ll reorganize your work days. Create your daily and weekly schedule in such a way as to maximize your natural rhythm. Be sure to slot your to-do items according to those that require focused, medium, and minimal energy. Furthermore, make sure to include breaks for both peak and rebound times. Breaks, when taken purposefully, enhance productivity.

Your Workspace

Be sure you are happy and productive in your workspace. This area should be both comfortable, inspiring, as well as practical and enhance productivity. You will also want to be sure you have all of the materials you require in order to run your business smoothly. Perhaps now is the time to go shopping for some additional supplies.

Your Systems

You may wish to change or update some of the systems you have in place for automated tasks. One such system that assists with bookkeeping, which is a struggle for many solopreneurs, is Pro-ledger Online.  It allows you to do your bookkeeping from anywhere.

Your Growth

Another area to consider is how you will grow as a solopreneur or entrepreneur. Perhaps gather some materials, such as entrepreneurial magazines, articles, and educational materials. Also, consider looking for some experts and influencers to follow. Furthermore, explore if their is an online course you can take. Finally, consider networking. By attending events, workshops, and related business groups, you can acquire new contacts and stay updated in your industry.

Your Marketing and Finances

Take time to review your marketing strategy and budget. Determine if you are on track or whether some adjustments need to be made. If necessary, give your accountant a call.

Your Customers

Finally, take some time to reconnect with customers and clients. Perhaps send them a short email asking about their summer experience and sharing a little about yours. Also, let them know you are available should they have any questions or concerns.

By taking advantage of the lull following the holidays, you will enhance your fall experience.

 Take Time to Determine Your Work-Life Integration

Those of us who are solopreneurs or entrepreneurs often find it challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance. That is because it is impossible. Impossible, you say?  Yes. I recently read an interesting article that addresses this very issue. Work-life balance implies equal weight given to each of these areas, which, according to the author, is impossible. After reading her article, I agree. No wonder we experience unnecessary stress and sometimes guilt.

In this article, the author suggests a work-life integration rather than a balance. She writes, “There are ways to be successful with work and family/friends if we are flexible.” Just like you schedule tasks, meetings, and various other work-related items, schedule time for family and friends. If you are not intentional, it may not happen. This may require some creativity, but there are ways to connect with your children, spouse, and friends.

Here are a few suggestions to help create work-life integration:


  • When driving to and from school with your kids, be sure to converse with them. Be sure to listen and not just bombard them with questions. Also, be sure to share about your day.
  • Book a “Date Night” with each of your children once a month. This is a precious time to just communicate and be with your child on their own.
  • On a child’s birthday, allow them to select their favorite meal and activity to do with the family.
  • Volunteer at your child’s school when opportunity presents itself, or schedule a regular time in their classroom.


  • Have supper together as much as possible. There should be no distractions at the supper table (no cell phones).
  • Once a month, have a family night. Watch a movie, play a game, or go for a walk together.

Spouse (Just you and your partner)

  • Date night once a month
  • Every Friday or Saturday morning, have breakfast or coffee together to discuss those issues that arise during the week or to just share your thoughts and emotions.


  • Be intentional about spending time with your friends, both individually and as a couple. I made it a practice to get together with a couple of girlfriends every Friday for an afternoon walk. As a couple, my husband and I make Sundays the day to visit with friends.

For each of the above, be deliberate or intentional. Mark it on your calendar as a “to-do”.  Do not let other work-related items get in the way. It is easy for this to happen, as life has a way of telling us that we need to work harder, faster, and longer. Don’t feel guilty about having to schedule some of your work around your family and friends. We all have the same amount of time; we just need to prioritize, be committed, and be flexible.

Wrap UP

As we wrap up this exploration of post-holiday rejuvenation for entrepreneurs, remember: your active involvement is the key to thriving. Embrace these four strategies to not just bounce back but to soar into the new year. Take charge of your well-being, realign with your business vision, and step into 2024 with vitality and resilience. Here’s to seizing the new year

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