Connect Pro-Ledger to Apps with Zapier

Pro-Ledger Online includes a powerful API integration feature that allows users to connect with 6,000+ apps in Zapier. In just a few minutes, you can easily set up automated workflows (called Zaps) that connect Pro-Ledger Online with the other apps you use.

Your software tools can finally talk to each other.

Picture this: You’re using Square to create invoices and relying on Stripe or Paypal to collect payments. But what if you also want these transactions to be seamlessly recorded in Pro-Ledger Online? By using Zapier integration, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of manually inputting data from different apps into your Pro-Ledger bookkeeping software.

With Pro-Ledger Online’s Zapier integration, linking your essential business tools is easy. Streamline your operations, minimize errors, and enhance efficiency. Automatically transfer all your financial data effortlessly into Pro-Ledger Online.

The Zapier integration within Pro-Ledger is free to all Pro-Ledger customers. The integration requires a Zapier account. Review Zapier’s pricing page for more information.

How Do I Get Started?

Here’s how to connect Pro-Ledger to your favorite apps in just a few easy steps.

  1. Log in to Pro-Ledger Online and select “API Key” (under Tools menu). Create your API key (keep a copy of the secret key in a safe place), then click on the Zapier link.
  2. Log in to Zapier and enter (copy and paste) your Pro-Ledger API key where indicated.  Fill out the Zapier form, naming the app and describing the connection you wish to make in your own words.
  3. Connect to the other App with using the Zapier instructions.
  4. Done! Now that the tedious stuff is taken care of, you can focus on the big picture.

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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