FAQ Short Answers

After purchase, you will be able to continue working with all your data created in the free trial without any loss of data.

Yes, this is cloud based system, which means it will work on all computers and devices connected to the internet.

Yes, through our API Integration feature, you can easily connect with 6,000+ software programs through Zapier. 

Yes, we offer unlimited technical support at no extra charge.

Absolutely. We use the same security as major banks to ensure your data is protected against hackers and viruses. With Pro-Ledger Online, you never have to worry about losing your critical financial information because your computer was lost, stolen or crashed. Pro-Ledger Online is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which utilizes the most advanced security protocols and encryption in the world today.  Click here to watch video – What is AWS Cloud Security?

Pro-Ledger Online Bookkeeping is much easier than and less time-consuming than QuickBooks. QuickBooks requires accounting knowledge and extensive set up with a chart of accounts. Pro-Ledger Online Bookkeeping requires no accounting knowledge and there is no software to set up. We only give you what you need to run and manage your business — no feature bloat here.

Pro-Ledger Online Bookkeeping is designed with the sole proprietor and LLC business in mind. If you’re a corporation or business with employees, you might consider a system like QuickBooks. But if you’re a smaller business wanting to see where your finances stand and be ready for taxes, you’re in the right place.

Yes, to get you started and help you along the way, we have a number of easy to follow instructional video’s on our FAQ page. 

You may cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the program account menu (top right corner) and then choosing “Manage Account.” Please note that cancelling your subscription will not provide you with any refund. To cancel means that no further payment will be taken and your account will be closed.

You can also “Pause” your subscription at any time by choosing “Pause Subscription” from the account menu.  Click here to view video for Pause feature details.

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