The Pro Ledger Online Story


I’ve always dreamed about owning my own small business. Now, that dream is a reality and my passion. 

As a sole proprietor, I am aware of and experience many of the same difficulties as you.

It gives me great pleasure to serve and support you.

Steve Penner

Chapter 1: The Creation of MoneyLedgers Spreadsheets 

Businesses don’t just start up overnight, as you are probably aware. When I created a bookkeeping spreadsheet for my own use as a real estate agent, I had no idea that other agents would require it. Equipped with the knowledge from my previous career as a teacher at several business colleges that included teaching spreadsheets, accounting and computerized accounting, I could see that the bookkeeping software offered in the marketplace was much too complex for the needs of simple business models.

In 2011, I began offering bookkeeping spreadsheets designed especially for real estate agents, and Moneyledgers, was born. Soon I was developing bookkeeping spreadsheets for Truckers, Landlords, and Small Business Professionals. There are now over 25 bookkeeping spreadsheets offered for sale at: 

Chapter 2: The Need for Pro-Ledgers Desktop Software

Over the next few years it became increasingly apparent that a software program was needed beyond a spreadsheet ledger. 2014 saw the launch of, which is a desktop bookkeeping software program. It would offer a more dynamic user environment than the spreadsheet ledgers. Furthermore, it would make it possible to create apps for smartphones and tablets. This desktop software ledger program is offered at: 

Chapter 3: The Debut of Pro-Ledger Online Cloud Based Ledgers

However, at this point, the story was not over. As you are well aware, technology is constantly evolving.  Over the course of the following 8 years, it was increasingly obvious that a “cloud-based” bookkeeping system was required. Pro-Ledger Online debuted in 2022. 

Chapter 4: The Running of Three Simple Bookkeeping Solutions

At the present time, chapter 4 is being written. I currently offer and support all 3 bookkeeping solutions. The focus, simple bookkeeping solutions for simple bookkeeping needs. My goal is not to complete with the larger, more complex accounting software solutions. Rather, I offer a niche product with a more personalized touch.

To be Continued: Who knows how this story will continue to unfold. Why not become a part of it by checking out these bookkeeping solutions. 

On A Personal Note:

Not only am I an entrepreneur, but I am a husband to Barb. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is where we call home.

Together, we have enjoyed volunteering at our local church as well as hosting international, university students in our home.

We also take pleasure in land and air travel. I enjoy spending my free time maintaining and travelling in a motorhome, which is one of my interests.