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Pro-Ledger Online is built specifically as an easy-to-use bookkeeping solution for sole proprietors, professionals, and freelancers with basic bookkeeping needs. 

Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use and quick ledger style bookkeeping solution to track income, expenses, input taxes, receivables, payables, and money transfers between accounts. 

Here are 8 ways we made things easy:

1.  Industry Specific Setup

When creating a “new” file with Pro-Ledger Online, you can choose if you are a real estate agent, a trucker, landlord, or freelancer.  This will ensure you will get a suitable default chart of accounts, and you can begin making entries immediately.

2.  Single Entry System

Pro-Ledger Online uses a single entry system to record income, expenses, receivables, payables, input sales tax, and transfers of funds between accounts. This means you are not dealing with the nominal and capital accounts of a more complex double-entry system.

Advantages of a single entry system:

  • Anyone can use it without any bookkeeping or accounting knowledge.
  • For many sole proprietors, a single entry system is adequate and often a much better fit than a complex double-entry system.
  • Much quicker than a double-entry system, allowing for savings of both time and money related to bookkeeping tasks.

3.  Automation Features

With the numerous automation features in the program, it will make the entry of routing entries much simpler and faster.  Click here for a fuller explanation of our automation features. 

4.  Simplified Reconciliations

Pro-Ledger Online allows you to reconcile between your receipts and documents and your transactions with a simple reconciliation feature that anyone can use without bookkeeping knowledge.

5.  Multiple Line & Split Entries

Pro-Ledger Online allows you to record multiple lines in a single entry.  For example you may have items on a single invoice from a stationary store that relate for office supplies and marketing supplies which you can record separately on a single bookkeeping entry. 

Plus, you are able to have the program automatically calculate the split ratio’s of personal and business on a single entry.  For example, for entertainment or meal expenses you can have have the program automatically calculate 50% of the total bill as a deduction on your business statement.  This makes filing your input taxes and income taxes a breeze.

6.  Both Personal & Business Entries

Many solopreneurs, real estate agents, truckers, and freelancers like to record both personal and business income and expenses in the same program.  For example, you may have your regular day job, plus a side business, or you may mix your personal and business items on the same credit card or bank account.  

With Pro-Ledger Online, you can record all your business and personal items, along with your business income and expenses, giving you a complete 360-degree view of your overall finances.

7.  Easy to Follow How-to Video’s

On our FAQ page you will find many short and simple instructional video’s to help you along the way.  Many of the most common bookkeeping entries, common tasks, program specific instructions, and industry specific entries are explained in easy-to-follow format.

8.  No Fluff

Pro-Ledger greatly eliminates complexity and “feature bloat” by not having built-in payroll, invoicing, inventory management, or other complex features. However, for businesses that require these features, Pro-Ledger is able to “integrate” with best-in-class software programs that provide such features. 

Our Pro-Ledger API Zapier integration feature allows you to easily integrate with over 6,000 other application programs. Click here to watch our “how to” integrate video 

Wrestling with Bookkeeping? Piece of cake.

Pro-Ledger Online provides a simple and inexpensive ledger-style bookkeeping solution to track income, expenses, receivables, payables, input taxes, and money transfers between accounts.  

Bookkeeping in the cloud without the fluff.

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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