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Pro-Ledgers has Moved to the Cloud. What on Earth does this Mean?

After 8 years of providing a bookkeeping desktop software program, the Pro-Ledgers desktop version has migrated to the cloud in what is now called Pro-Ledger Online.


In essence, the Cloud is simply a different way of storing and accessing data.  Rather than having all the computer hardware and software sitting on the hard drive or somewhere inside your companies network, it is on the internet. 

The software and data are accessed over the internet in a seamless manner.  Hassles are eliminated. Furthermore, your bookkeeping data is where the internet is.  All you need is internet access, your password to login, and your data will be available.  


In light of the advancements made by the cloud, all the features of a bookkeeping software program can be achieved in a cloud environment with few complications and risks.  Here are 6 core benefits of bookkeeping in the Cloud with Pro Ledger Online:

1.  No Installation or Upgrading of Software

Working in the cloud means that any program updates or upgrades are immediately accessible to you when you log into your cloud account.  There is never any need to install or upgrade to the newest software version. You can always be assured that when you login that you are working in the most current version of the Pro Ledger Online bookkeeping program.

2.  Collaborate with Your Bookkeeper, Accountant, or Team

At any time you can invite any team member, bookkeeper, or tax accountant to login into your cloud account.  The Pro Ledger Online gives easy access to others so they can do their jobs.

3.  Accessible Anywhere on Any Computer or Device

Pro Ledger Online cloud-based bookkeeping is accessible 24/7 from any device or computer connected to the internet. All you need is a device with browser capability.

4.  Security & Protection From Hardware Failures

Desktop software can make you vulnerable when it comes to security. Non-existent backups, several versions of the same file, or corrupted files due to hardware failures making the file unusable are common challenges.  With Pro Ledger Online cloud computing, your data is always backed up and stored off-site. Even if you lose your hardware or have a virus all your data will be secured and accessible via your cloud.

5.  Real-Time Data & Reporting

An important benefit of Pro Ledger Online cloud-based bookkeeping is that your data is updated in “real-time”. There is never any question or concerns about the data being current or syncing between devices.  As soon as the data is entered it is available on all devices and computers.

6.  Enhanced Technical Support

With a Pro Ledger Online cloud-based system, technical support is simplified and greatly reduced to just the bookkeeping program itself.  Any updates or fixes needed are instantly available to you when you login.  You never have to download and install updates with new bug fixes.


To try out the Pro-Ledger Online cloud version: click here for a 30-day free trial.
For more details visit:“Bookkeeping Made Simple”


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